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If you have any problems logging in, just email me at [email protected]. Whenever you login, use the username and password that you used to use on the forum. From now on, you need to log in to post a comment on the website as well.

The reason for this?

It was getting confusing who was talking about what, with different usernames on the forum or the website, so I decided to make it all the same: one login, one name, for everywhere on This will help make discussion clearer, also some regular posters can reserve their username and we will always know who is speaking.

If you upload your avatar to your avatar will also be the same everywhere on the site. Actually, that avatar will show up wherever you comment on most wordpress blogs on the internet, not just my site. So instead of uploading a new avatar to every site, you upload one to gravatar and it’s used everywhere.

My goal is to make comments and the forum more friendly and help you get introduced to each other, no matter where you are in the world.

I have some more plans for this, so this is the first step. Stay tuned!