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I have a story:

When I lived in Korea I was crazy about bul-nak for a while. It’s bulgogi and nakji – beef and octopus, mixed together in a stew. Oh man! It’s great. They cook it at your table like bulgogi.

So I found a great restaurant, this bulnak was the best. So on my American buddy’s birthday I told him I would take him for this excellent meal.

The ajummas at the resto knew me, and I told them – this is my buddy’s birthday! They were happy for me. Little did I know that they would prepare a special bulnak for him.

They brought out a platter and put it on the burner on the table. They opened the lid – and I saw that the octopus was super-fresh, as in, the legs just cut off seconds before. So the severed legs of the octopus were squirming around the platter in the stew, it was a really horrific sight! They were trying to make him happy by serving fresh octopus, but he screamed like a woman and jumped out of his seat!