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I grew 깬잎 for the fist time this year. I ordered them on line from the Kitazawa Seed Company and received them in the mail. I understand that they like warmer weather and plenty of sun.

I just cast them on the ground in my garden and made sure they were just covered by the dirt (approx 1/4 inch). I planted them in late June and they sprouted in about 1 to 2 weeks (I should keep better notes).

I have a few left in my garden as of today and I have brought a few into the house in pots to see if I can keep them going through the winter. I am thinking about installing a grow light because I don't get much sunlight. I saw another of Maangchi's readers used a greenhouse to start the seeds as well.

Mine got to be a little over a foot tall and about 6 to 8 inches wide so you'd need a pot that would handle a plant of that size. For soil, iwould just use some regular dirt with a little peat moss to loosen it up and a little bit of composted cow manure for fertilizer.
Good luck!

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