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Hey there!! I’m from the Dayton area as well. Yeah, there are only 2 Korean restaurants here and they’re very tiny and rundown. There are about 4 or 5 markets all located around the same area, but they’re also very small and have seen better days, I don’t know if you’ve been to them before or not. I’ve been to three of them and they have a lot of good things there, especially Pleasing Market and…I forget what the other one’s called… There’s a decent number of Koreans living here, especially near Wright Patt AFB.

If you want, you should try going to Columbus or Cincinnati for more Asian markets. I know they have a lot more there. Also try Jungle Jim’s International Market, located near Cincinnati. They have a large variety of different Asian foods, and a pretty good selection of Korean food. You just have to search for awhile, but the store itself is really neat :D