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well let me tell you :) i use at least 80% of my free time in the kitchen because i like food and especialy asian food like korean and japanese food! the kind of food i make cant really be specified at the moment because theres alot of ingredients we dont have in denmark thats used in ex. korean food so my food is like a fusion of vegetables and meat with some really nice marinade and sticky rice and alot of other small side dishes i put together so i hoped it would be close to a korean meal but thats just my imagination :) but i like to use alot of vegetables and i like them cruncy and i like my food “HOT” but no hot peper flakes yet :) for your question i can only say i dont make that much international food because in denmark we “lag” in ingredients and vegetables that makes it fun to cook. but’ i might have found a place to find what i need but its a bit of a ride and its costly so im hoping to find an online store that ships to denmark.. if you know one btw pleace inform me : )

ps. i might sound abit wierd tonight but i had abit of sake ;)