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i would really hate to see korean restaurants sprouting up like sushi-bars or pizza-joints. here in germany, pizza is mostly made by arabs, and sushi by vietnamese. or chinese.

and to think that korean food would become the next craze and white people opening up korean bbq joints… i rather would like to see korean food still as a secret.

this article just shows me again, how insecure we are as a people. so one guy, and of course, he is japanese, writes something “bad” about our food and of course hundreds of koreans show up because of this deadly insult to our culture and our whole way of live and of course they have to bash japanese food in return. just be glad, we didn’t burn japanese flags in the streets because of this…

since when is bibimbab considered high class food anyways? its just rice with leftovers and an egg… nothing fancy about it.

this is so typical korean… when we were kids, we were told that it is very impolite and very rude to brag, but we just can’t sit back and let the others boast proudly their culinaric culture. no sir… we have to do the same and be just as impolite and rude.