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That’s right! All you say about my habitual words or behavior are true. No wonder you are a smart Berkeley student! : )

Thank you very much for your time to write this. It’s huge Christmas gift for me from you!

I’m adding some updates (I know you know them already but I’m writing this for fun!)

sesame oil bottle: yes, one day I found the mustard bottle made of plastic was perfect to keep sesame oil. These days I use a squeeze bottle

3 crab fish sauce: It’s delicious. I use it as soup soy sauce because the flavor and the taste is very similar to very well fermented Korean soup soy sauce. Some people say, “how come you don’t use Korean fish sauce?” My answer: “ne ne (yes, yes)I sometimes use Korean fish sauce in kimchi but for soup, the 3 crab fish sauce really gives delicious taste. My mother, her friends, my sisters in Los Angeles are using the fish sauce.” BTW,I have nothing to do with the company. : )

Alex, do you remember what you said when I left a comment on my FB wall that I would leave for Minnesota to do Korean cooking demonstration? Everybody gave me good wish, and you said, “smile a lot, maangchi!” Actually when I did my cooking demo, I changed my looking of face a couple of times and thought about your advice!

I love my readers and I consider them my close friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!