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There is a big difference between soy bean sprouts and mung bean sprouts. Though mung bean sprouts are used in some side dishes in Korea, the soy bean sprout is used more. Chinese recipes use mung beans more frequently. The taste is significantly different. Kong is the name for soy beans, sukju is the name for mung beans. When looking at recipes this might help if there is a translation. When making kong namul soup soy bean sprouts are used.

In western cooking you would not consider tomatoes and peppers to be interchangable, although they are both in the nightshade family. So no, they are not interchangable.

Kikkoman soy sauce is a good alternative if you cannot get a Korean soy sauce. I would never get La Choy, or similar brands – don’t even know if they are actually chinese, but they do not have the kind of flavor you want for Korean foods.

Have you tried the Lotte Market in Ellicott City? They should have everything you need, and they aren’t that far from your location.

Good Luck!