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making ganjang takes a lot of time and experience. i tried it once but it didnt turn out good. you would need a supply of soy beans.

soak soy beans in water for a day.

make sure, you have good beans. throw the bad beans away. that is important.

cook the beans in salt water until they are mushy.

take the beans out and smash them.

form them in cubes. <-this will become doenjang

let them dry, be carefull of mold.

when the blocks are dry, put them in stoneware along with salt water.

wait two month.

take the soy blocks out and put them in another stoneware.

wait for several month.

the water will have turned to soy sauce, the soy blocks will have become doenjang.

when i tried, mine spoiled quite easily. my aunt told me, i did it during the wrong season and i didnt use a certain bacterial culture.

i tried doing it in the summer, she always makes it in the winter.

maybe it would be easier to drive somewhere, where there is soy sauce available?