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I believe these are called JimmBbang (찜빵) or Hobbang (호빵) for the ones with beans inside. They are usually sold in the winter/fall months as they are perfect to warm up from the cold weather.

I dont know the recipe but i doubt its hard. :)

Here are some recipes from Korean websites.. :/ It’s in Korean though.. Would be cool if Maangchi did a video on Jjimbbang!

Kimchi Jimmbbang

Sweet Potato Jjimbbang

Pizza Jjimbbang

Red Colored Veggie Jjimbbang ^_^; pretty

Black Bean Hobbang

Curry Jjimbbang

Jabchae Jjimbbang

Chestnut Jjimbbang

Butternut Squash Jjimbbang

Hope that helped.. Hopefully someone can translate these for you.. :/