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Last Sunday I watched the third ep of The Kimchi Chronicles, this one spotlighted green tea grown on Jeju Island. I always thought Boseong was known for green tea, but apparently the Jeju variety gets a nice flavor from the salty ocean air.

This was news to me, so already I’m learning something new about Korea from this ep, a good sign.

The first part of the show follows Marja and Jean-Georges Vongerichten as they learn about tea in Jeju, which is followed up in their home in the US where they use the ingredient to create their own interpretations of a Korean dish.

This episode maintained the easygoing, gentle timbre of the first, the entire affair coming across as quite soothing. In fact, as Jean-George prepares his dish, Marja slips out for a facial and massage in what appears to be the “massage room” in her house. No doubt, watching someone get a massage makes for relaxing TV, but I couldn’t help but feel that the segment was a bit ostentatious to the point of being otherworldly. Famous chef in kitchen working with an expensive ingredient; masseuse giving rubdown. All is well in the world.

Having said that, Jean-Georges’ end result, abalone with green tea, looked pretty awesome. The recipe, and all the others in the show, will apparently be posted at, which isn’t finished yet. And there will be a book, too.

All in all this show is off to a great start: it’s beautifully shot, good natured, and the recipes look innovative and delicious. I’m definitely going to tune into more episodes, even though the 4pm Sunday air time is hardly a prime TV viewing hour for me.