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Great post we share the same frustration trying to learn how to cook Korean food. I am a white guy from the South. So it assumed that there is no way I can learn how to cook Korean. During my time in the Navy I was lucky to have visited Korea 12 times (late 80’s). I was in Busan during the Olympics. While in Korea I always ate local. What I mean is you were more likely to find me at a Haeundae Beach soju tent than at fancy Hotel.

Once me and a friend were out and we got hungry. We were drawn to a small restaurant that looked good and had some great smells coming from it. We went in and sat down. The waitress gave us menus in Korean (she had a worried look on her face). We randomly picked 4 items from different sections of the menu. She could tell that we were guessing (she shook her head no on one item and we followed her advice). When the food came out it was really good and we were eating like crazy (with chop sticks, slurping our soup ect). Now everyone in the restaurant was watching us smiling and laughing. Then more dishes started coming out of the kitchen. Some were Banchan but most were more like samples of main dishes. We had four ladies taking care of us almost like we were kids. So Yes I love Korean food and I am not scared to try anything.

Anyway after the Navy I missed Korean food. I can cook so I looked for Korean cook books (in English). Let’s just say that the results were not that good. The Korean ladies I met who were from the last generation of make it from scratch assumed that there was no way I learn.

But now with You Tube we can watch Maangchi step by step cook Korean food. I watch for the techniques more than the recipes. By learning the techniques I can experiment with other recipes. I will never be as good as my wife’s Aunt who passed away last year. But I can make some good stuff.