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There have been a number of discussions online about the best “keepers” as far as korean banchans. In many cases Maangchi will say in her videos how long items will last in the fridge. Unfortunately, you need to watch the videos in order to get that info.

I am of korean heritage, and have been cooking korean food for many years. The best bet in trying to figure out if the item will last in the fridge is to consider how the fresh ingredients would last in a regular context. For example, if you know spinach will only last a few days if made for your regular type meal (be it american, italian or french) then it will only last that long for a korean banchan.

Dried ingredients (dried squid, dried fish, dried vegetables) will probably stay in the fridge longer than a fresh vegetable or fish presentation.

Use logic, watch her videos, and experiment.

The soy sauce, kochujang and hot peppers are not preservatives, simply seasoning ingredients. Unless you are pickling, they will last no longer than they would if you made them with western methods.

Remember. Koreans believe in using the freshest ingredients available. If it is perishable, the final ingredient is too.