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Pantry items for Korean cooking:

Rice, obviously! I always have regular short grain (I like Kokuho Rose brand – it’s a nice sticky, sushi-style rice), sweet glutinous for sticky rice, brown and usually some jasmine rice.

Gochukaru (red chili powder)

An assortment of noodles: rice vermicelli, wide thin flat, sweet potato (japchae noodles), soba, naeng-myun noodles, etc.


high quality soy sauce (large quantity – if you are really going to eat a lot of Korean, buy in quart or gallon size)

sesame oil (same thing – don’t bother paying $4 for a 6 oz bottle)

rice vinegar

stir fry veggies: bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, baby corn, dried shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts

Toasted sesame seeds (buy in bulk! they’ll be cheaper)

Dashida (beef soup stock powder)

Nori (for kimbap)

Bonito flakes

Konbu/dried seaweed

Items to buy regularly for fridge & freezer:

Sirloin (for bulgogi), beef short ribs, pork belly, chicken

enoki mushrooms

onion, green onion

danmuji (pickled radish)






tofu (firm and silken)



wonton wrappers (or frozen mandu)

tteok (tteokbogi shape and tteokguk shape)

The things I make most often: bulgogi, tteokbogi, tteokguk, kalbi, bibimbap

Things I should make more often: bibimbap, japchae, mandu, kimchi chiggae