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you can freeze soups like oxtail-soups or chicken broth with no problem. Meatdishes are no problem either.

pre-fry the meat, let it cool of, put it in a bag and freeze it. Then just put the bag in hot water and let it sit there until its hot. make a test run to see.

I freeze jjajjang and Curry with no problem. Why does yours separate? you use bags or tupper? my tip: dont freeze warm things. let it cool of in the fridge for a day. Curry will be hard then anyways and may not separate. same goes for jjajjang.

what i did for my girl-friend was something like this: rice, veggies, meat, let it cool of. make a tin-foil pouch and put everything in. put the pouches in a bag and freeze them. He can take the tin-pouches out and put them in the oven for about 30-60 mins by 180° (without the bag), depending on how much is in there. also.. make a test run.

dont freeze veggies with too much water in them, they will turn mushy, dont freeze dubu.

are you sure, your husband will suffer? it will be like his bachelor-days all over again. in other words: glorious…