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haha, Korean style Christmas dinner. It sounds good! I would make these 12 dishes! :

1.japchae(stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat):

2.galbijjim (beef short ribs dish)

3.tofu side dish:

4.cooked radish side dish:

5.spinach side dish:

6.soybean sprouts side dish:

7.daegujeon (breaded cod fillet):

as dessert I would prepare

8. Shikhye (rice dessert drink):

9. And mujigaeddeok! (colorful rice cake): it looks like Western style cake and very beautiful. It needs a little skill and practice though. I think Reinier can make it. You are Holland Food artist! lol

I’m revealing what I will post for my next video. : )

10.11, 12,of course, rice and kimchi. For soup, you could make

radish soup: