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  1. Hi everyone! You guys can all call me 뮤 Myu. I'm a Korean-American living in the USA. I'm actually a person who likes international culture and cuisine! I speak a variety of languages and have a background in different types of cooking. In the not so distant past, I have started digging up my heritage in Korean cooking. I currently have 3 blogs on Korean recipes. I include English translations for english-friendly interface.

    *** RECENT / NEW ***
    *** DISCONTINUED ***
    *** DISCONTINUED ***

    I'm also a translator for a group (BoAjjang) which makes karaokes of Korean music videos. Here is a sample:

    소녀시대 (Girl's Generation) - 다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)

    There are more if you search on youtube.

    I try to spread Korean culture through music, food, and the arts. Sometimes, I hold mini demonstrations to teach people how to make Korean food! I actually admire maangchi for all her work into her site! She brings Korean culture to those who cannot read Korean and those who want to experience the Korean culture through food! 망치 화이팅! (Maangchi Fighting!) If there's anything anyone would like to ask me, feel free to ask! Thank you!

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