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“여러분, 안녕하세요! From Washington state”

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  1. My name is David. I have a pretty interesting story, so I thought I'd share. I fell in love with Korean food this year. I've always had a love for languages and wanted to become fluent in another language, and I've always wanted to travel and do work for Christ, but I never had any specific direction. During the latter part of last year I was considering learning Chinese for no particular reason, but my uncle suggested I learn Korean, since it's much easier and because of family history (my grandfather fought and was injured in the Korean war). I looked into it and it makes perfect sense for me, so I've been learning Korean on my own for almost 6 months now.

    I love Korea. I love Korean culture, language, history, people, and of course, food. The first thing I tried was 김치 찌개, and I loved it right away. I'm very glad God is sending me to Korea someday, I can't wait to go. I don't know when it will be or how, but I have faith it will happen. I have a heart for those in the North as well as in the South.

    My Korean culinary adventures have been somewhat limited thus far, I've made 호떡 and 호박죽 using Maangchi's wonderful recipes and videos, and both turned out very well. I was able to get 고추가루 today for the first time, so I'm excited to try out some new recipes using it. ^;^

    Thank you for reading my story, and God bless you and your cooking!

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