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“1st Korean Dish Made For 2012?”

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  • started 2 years ago by oksipak
  1. Hey everyone, what is the VERY FIRST Korean dish or recipe that you made in the new year 2012? Come on, add your photos or just write it down here. It's ok to say how delicious it was, no one will drool (yea right!). :D

  2. Too excited and can't wait so I'll start...

    My very first Korean recipe made in the New year 2012 is 김치 (Kimchi). Just made this little dish tonight. Yes, Safeway was out of produce because their delivery truck didn't make it due to inclement weather, so I took the last cabbage they had yesterday! Hehehe. :P


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  3. Great dish made by you..Thanks..but i like korean fish very much.

  4. I made Kongnamul Muchim and pan-fried tofu with spicy sauce. Both were very easy and delicious!! Thank you, Maangchi!! :D


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