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“42 kilos lost and counting”

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  • started 5 years ago by tentsuyu
  1. Bravo and congrats to Chris who lost 42kg in 1 year.

    I personally lost 10kg ( just checked) in the course of 4-6 months. I have been eating mostly rice in my life as I was born and raised in Indonesia. But only recently I saw the wisdom in my grandmother's nagging to eat a complete breakfast bright early in the morning. I used to think that it's too heavy and much to eat rice meals in the morning.

    Well as it turn out since I found Maangchi's site, I have been eating rice with soup and 1 extra banchan as breakfast. I cook my vegetable banchan and soup every other day and my meat banchan weekly the portioned out and freeze to eat throughout the week. With the exception of yukgaejang and ganjatang. When Maangchi wrote 2-3 servings, it turned into 5-6 servings for me.

    I am very lazy to cook for every single meal and every day. So with korean food! it's easier on me. I just need to make the different kimchi in one go once a month. Then just need to cook rice when I get out of bed every morning and either cook my soup or vegetable banchan while I take my shower. By the time I'm done and ready to sit down for breakfast, my soup, rice and banchan are ready to serve. My kids don't like vegetables but they don't mind eating my kongnamul, sukjunamul, chwinamul and jorim. They always ask for second lunch or after school treats.

    I used to eat rice on a big plate but now I eat my rice in small japanese rice bowls I bought at Daisho and occasionally in korean rice bowls with lid whenever my korean boyfriend come into town.

    All I do is just weigh myself every other week, change my plate into small rice bowl and eat huge breakfast in the mornings and I ended up losing 10kg after 16weeks. When I got started, I weighed in at 65,8kg and this morning I weighed in at 55,2kg.

    I also recently found out that Korea ( only got data on the south) is the 1 country with the lowest obesity population of 5%. So Chris, you got a lot to be proud of when you can lose all the weight and easily keep it off. Korean food does make it very easy to keep our fat at bay and our weight in check.

    Big thanks to Maangchi for sharing her accurate recipes without holding back anything so we can all cook great tasting and healthy food for our family or replicate tastes that we missed

  2. Wow! Congratulations for losing 42kg. I am inspired, In fact, my husband and I have been thinking about losing some weight this summer. I thought about cooking Korean soup and stew since they are healthy and I just started last night. I am so grateful to read your testimony and will go on this adventure and see how much weight I can lose.

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