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“a wave from Belgium”

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  • started 3 years ago by saruri
  1. hi there Maangchi and dear recipe-lovers!

    I'll write a quick note about myself.

    I'm 21 and still a student.( my major is English and French education)
    I've been travelling to Korea 3 times by now, and will be doing that further on. I'm studying korean,which I really enjoy!!

    I hope to getting to know you guys soon!!


  2. You are a clever student. I major in English and Janpanese education.. Like Korean so much. Maybe you can teach me something...

    The Big Bang Theory DVD

  3. aww,so you can speak Japanese? Nice! I love Japanese too,hihi.
    Anyway, my Korean is still on the base level, so guess it will be hard teaching it to someone else :)
    you should try You can experience korean lessons from your home :)

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