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“Acorn jelly 도토리 묵 (?)”

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  • started 5 years ago by natnatnaz
  1. Hi Maangchi!

    I was watching the show 우리 결혼했어요 and someone made Acorn Jelly on the show and someone even talked about how the Han river reminded them of Acorn Jelly.

    I was wondering if you could please put up a recipe of how to make it or explain what it is and what it tastes like?

    It doesn't seem like it is a dessert since they eat it with soy sauce.

    I'm assuming its an appetizer but its quite unusual for me to refer to something that is jelly as something savoury.

    Please and thank you!

  2. natnataz,
    oh, you got good translation "acorn jelly" for dotorimook (도토리묵 in Korean)! It's a side dish. Yes, it's one of upcoming video recipes. I love it.

  3. hi Maangchi!
    i've been searching for this jelly type banchan recipes for a very long time. Couldn't find it because i don't know what is it being called. However, could you please name a few other types of muk sidedishes?
    The ones i had was actually transperant. Wonder what is it made out of.
    I would love to see an entry on this one soon! i can't wait!
    I am getting hungry by just typing this.
    Gam Sah Ham Nee dah Maangchi!! :D

  4. sashozee,
    I think you are talking about chungpo mook (mung bean jelly).
    Actually I posted the photo of chungpo mook dish on my Flickr page that I made.Check this out.

  5. maangchi!
    i think that could be the one
    are u gonna post the recipe soon?
    i love ur website :D
    thanks for making all the awesome videos

  6. sashozee,
    sure, it's already included in my future projects. : )

  7. yay, cant wait!!! :D

  8. Here is my attempt at acorn jelly. It cooked a little faster than I wanted but it turned out good.

  9. James, good job! acorn jelly is very healthy, deliciou, and low calorie food. Awesome!

  10. M,

    Thank you! My wife loved it and my youngest girl loved the sauce on lettuce. I have been reading about acorn jelly and it is a very curious and healty food. It is high in protein but low in calories. The history of eating acorns around the world is also very interesting.

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