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“Acorn squash in doenjang jjigae”

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  • started 4 years ago by dkh
  1. In the post on squash pancakes it is suggested to try acorn squash in doenjang jjigae. I normally just experiment (and will in this case if necessary!) but I sense the potential for disaster, so I will ask first: if I use acorn squash, should I make the jjigae spicy like I'm used to, or should it be mild? Anything else I should consider?

  2. I think spicy sounds great. Sweet and spicy. What do you add to your doenjang jjigae to make it spicy?

  3. I use gochujang and red pepper powder. I'll try it the sweet and spicy way next time I make it. The acorn squash is sitting on the counter daring me....

  4. I made doenjangjjigae with acorn squash once and it turned out great!

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