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“All of you: Your little advice..please!”

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  • started 2 years ago by alainphone
  1. Hello,

    My name is Alain. I created a recipe called the Korean Sanwichi.
    It is good but not perfect. I really wish to improve it.

    Even a little advice would be welcome.

    I created this little video to explain about the cooking method and recipe.
    Please give me some advices.




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  2. Here is the youtube link:

  3. It looks quite nice . Well balanced I think. But I thkink the tomatoes might make it a bit watery and sloppy.

    How about simplifying it? Going with the beef gochujang garlic onion base, with sesame leafs as topping or garnish with lemon balm perhaps?

    Or maybe a pork version? cause gochujang goes well with pork?

    If you want to have something very light and refreshing, try out the Tomato-Gim Jaban combo with some soft cheese(mozzarella etc). It's full of umami and very subtle and light. Also there's some texture difference to it too (crunchy fried Jaban with soft and juicy tomatoe)

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