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  1. Hi

    I just wanted to ask anyone that is reading this, if its true that eating only anchovies helps you grow, I heard this from a video of f(x) a new group in Korea and I just wanted to know if its true. Or does anyone knows what can help people grow? lol

    Thank you

  2. what do you mean grow? like growing to 6 feet high by only eating myolchi? if you mean myolchi, they are supposed to have lots of calcium and stuff, so they help you with developing bones. when i was a kid, my mom stuffed me with myolchi, but i am still short.

  3. what's myolchi? I heard that eating only anchovies helps you grow a few inches. I'm short as well, well actually not that short but still I would like to grow a few more inches. lol

  4. Koreans have a lot of beliefs on what makes you grow tall^^
    Being tall my self, when I lived in Korea my Aunts and Uncles would always make me play basketball with my cousins and teach them how to stretch. And on the street, every once in a while women would ask me what I ate when I was young that made me so tall...

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