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“Annyeong from Malaysia!”

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  • started 2 years ago by Luqman Hakim
  1. Annyeong! I'm Luqman Hakim. Or just call me Kim. I'm from Kuching, Malaysia. I'm new here. Actually, I'm a K-POP lover! I love Korean music's. I love Korean dramas. And also the foods of course! I mean, Korean food's tempting! So, after I found out about , i get so excited! This is what I've been looking for! I never cook any of Korean food before. So yeah, Maangchi helped me a lot in this! After i watched the videos, I know I can cook Korean foods! So, to Maangchi, thanks so much! KAMSAHAMNIDA! :D

  2. I love K-pop and dramas too! Seeing someone eat something so tasty really makes me want to cook. XD

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