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  1. Maangchi,

    I used to live in Indiana and went to Mamas Restaurant there and they always brought out 8-10 side dishes for us to eat. I have looked in your appetizer area for them but haven't been able to see the ones i have had. I dont know the names of them either. I have attached a picture from there to see if anyone can recognize any of them. I know several are kimchee of sorts (napa, radish) but there are a couple of others that I do not know what they are or how they are made

    1. radish & perhaps green onion in a vinegar sauce
    2. Fish cake perhaps in soy/sesame oil - little spicy
    3. spicy beansprout mix
    4. spinach mix -
    5. Garlic & green pepper mix

    These are a few that I cannot find on your website(at least under appetizers or side dishes) Didn't know if you or anyone else on the site would know what I might be looking for along with a recipe on how to make them. Sorry that the picture doesnt show the main ones i am after but sometimes they do not bring the same stuff out.


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