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“"As a doctor, i do recommend to cook and eat many korean food"”

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  1. Annyeong haseyo yorobun =)
    Im asti, from indonesia. Im a doctor and really love delicious and healthy food. I made more bout 30 maangchi's recipe and i love it because its easy and super healthy, as a doctor i do recommend for many korean food that maangchi's made. Korean food is always about vegetables and less oil. Im really love it. Thank you maangchi for gave us such a really great recipes. I almost made korean food 3 times a day :D

  2. welcome Asti!
    To be honest, I find that there is a lot of oil used in korean cooking.
    It depends on which countries cuisine you compare it to I guess.
    I am not bothered by it though, because starches and sugar make me fat and ill, not the oil.
    Korean cooking on the whole is great and healthy, I agree with you, because they use a variety of foods like vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds and fruit that contain valued nutrients.
    And they aren't too squeamish about using organs and blood.

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