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    My Korean name is Ashimi. My mother passed recently, and I realized I hadn’t gotten all her recipes, so I searched and found your site. I was quite pleased. However, my mom came to the US in the 50’s, at a time when there was difficulty getting some ingredients, so if I make a nuisance of myself by giving advice to people who have a hard time finding things in the grocery store, let me apologize in advance.

    I think you are doing a wonderful job, informing people of a very flavorful and exciting cuisine. I can see that you are trying to accomodate everyone’s palate so that as many people as possible can try the flavors.

    Your Oi sobagi recipe is better than my mom’s, and she never showed me how to make Yukgaejang. I am so impressed that you made Song pyung! I had to go to Philadelphia (and order weeks in advance) for my children’s 100 day parties!

    Many of the recipes I use are quite different, and I wonder if it might be because of the region you come from. I am quite a “foodie” and often read cookbooks for fun (my kids think I am weird) but I am interested in the regional influences on food.

    I know this may be before your time, but my aunt is Chun Sonnyo, who was a rather well known actress in Korea, and I of course am much older than you, but we never stop learning, and I am so happy to have found your site!



    Ashimi is a Korean name?



    Why couldn’t it be?



    My father was a westerner, so when I was born my mom decided not to use the traditional form of naming children according to the generation. For example, my male cousins all had Young in their names. When their daughters were born they all had Min in their names. When the last girl was born my cousin couldn’t think of what to name her, so he just named her MIN!

    But my mother decided to create a name for me. It means eyes that see only beauty.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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