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    Is anyone growing anything special this year?

    I have a regular garden on one side of my house and I decided to grow some select Asian veggies in pots on my patio…

    Well only the Kkaennip, Chrysanthemum and Amaranth came up. I had planted bitter melon and Samphire (land seaweed) and unfortunately I thought the bitter melon was a weed and pulled it! The samphire never came up.
    But look at the surprise sunflower!!

    Isnt it pretty?

    Lets see your gardens!

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    Your perilla is so pretty. I’m green with envy. Hadn’t hda much luck with it in the past. Thought about growing the crown daisy again this year, but I have a hard time getting it to leaf out and not go to flower. Someone told me to get fert that was heaviest in nitrogen. Will maybe try that for later.

    Again, beautiful garden.



    I would like to grow a vegetable garden next year. I was thinking of a self watering container garden since I live in the city. Any one know how these vegetables fare in these types of gardens?



    Where do you buy your chrysanthemum seeds? I’m never sure what type to buy as there are types of chrysanthemum that can be toxic. I’ve never grown anything from seed so I’m trying to procure them early so that I’ll be prepared. Thanks!



    You can find and order chrysandthemum seeds at this site (See Below). I’ve ordered most of my Asian seeds for this year’s crops. It’s been freezing here so I will start the seeds inhouse and in couple of weeks I hope to transplant them to outdoor pots. Good luck. Let me know how they work out. I will keep you posted.



    My garden is mulched and planted. I hope to harvest in couple of months all the Asian seeds that were planted from April through May. CAN’T WAIT to make delicious Korean recipes with fresh vegetables for Maangchi’s Recipes! How’s everyone else doing? What stages are you at right now? I would love to know. :)



    A few days ago my Dad planted cucumber, eggplant, peppers and small loose leaf cabbage for me in his garden. Yesterday in pots I planted kkaennip and chrysanthemum.



    Sunday, July 3, 2011: Here's my first "bumper crop" of Korean Rat Radish harvest (June 29, 2011)…four fresh radishes…made White Radish Salad with the three and ate the one right out of the garden. I swear people are missing out if they never get to taste freshly picked vegetables from their homegrown garden (they need to try it at least once in their lives). The Korean Rat (White) Radish is meaty, sweet, and delicious!

    1. 2011_Jul_03_White_Radish_Salad_from_Ho1
    2. 2011_Jun_29_Vegetable_Garden_2011_Harv1


    …Continuation from last post…

    I'm disappointed that my Perilla plant is not sprouting. I thought something was coming up last month but they ended up to be weeds instead. However, the Edible Chrysanthemums & Burdock are doing well here in Zone 9 too.

    How does your garden grow? :)

    1. 2011_Jul_03_Asian_Veg_Garden_2011_09151
    2. 2011_Jul_03_Asian_Veg_Garden_2011_09141


    Edible Mums were planted around mid-May 2011, and here is the 1st harvest two months later, the bowl in front, the plant just cut in the background.

    Here is the delicious Edible Mums with Mandu Soup I made with it. It was delicious and here is my recipe for 1-2 Servings:

    3C Water
    Anchovies in an Infuser
    1 tsp hot pepper paste
    1 tsp Miso

    As above ingredients begin to boil add:

    Mandu about 4-7 Pieces
    2 Cloves Garlic
    1/2 tsp Tamari Soy Sauce
    1/2 tsp 3 Crabs Fish Sauce
    1 Chopped Green Onion
    1 Shitake Mushroom Julienne
    Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
    1/2C-1C Edible Mums Cut 3" Pieces
    1 Egg Scrambled

    Turn down to a gentle simmer for 15-20 minutes.
    Add Dash of Sesame Oil when serving.

    I made this at lunch today 7/19/11 (Monday) for the first time because the freshly grown Edible Mums were just staring at me to do something with them. ;)

    How does your Asian Garden grow this summer, I'd like to hear from you…

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    Nyum nyum oksipak. That recipe looks fantastic!



    So here is more of my radish harvest, it's a different daikon radish variety. I think it's alien, just look at the shapes! :) Before and After photos…

    1. 2011_Jul_22_Fresh_Whole_Radish_Kimchee1
    2. 2011_Jul_20_Squash_Pancakes_Maagnchi_R1


    Here's my Asian Garden thus far…Edible Mums, Mugwort, Chinese Pea Pods do well here. Made Ssukgat Namul with the mums as I have tons of it growing. :) August 18, 2011.

    1. 2011_Aug_18_Edible_Mum_Harvest1
    2. 2011_Aug_18_Edible_Mum_Asian_Garden1


    …continued from previous post…below are photos of the Ssukgat Namul. It's so good I'm just going to continue making this side dish until my Edible Mums run out.

    Mugwort grows fairly well in my potted garden. Can't wait to make something from it. I'm waiting for some ingredients to arrive from Hmart to try one of Maangchi's recipes. :) August 18, 2011.

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    3. 2011_Aug_18_Edible_Mum_Recipe_b1


    It’s now Saturday, September 3, 2011, and the sun is shining which is fantastic for our Asian Garden this season. The radishes are pretty much done now. I had second crop of lovely beans ready to harvest but we had 20mph gust winds which blew over 3 out of the 4 plants, ugh! Haven’t done anything with the fresh Mugwort yet but they grow nicely in Zone 9. Chinese Pea Pods love this area too.

    Took photos this morning so here it is…and last night made the Spicy Fish Soup using the Edible Mums and garden spicy lettuce (instead of Minari which isn’t doing well in the garden). How’s everyone’s garden growing? :)

    1. 2011_Sep_03_asian_garden_2011_0903_112-5
    2. 2011_Sep_02_Spicy_fish_soup_11161
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