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“Beansprout and rice soup (콩나물국밥), Chicken stew (닭한마리) and 찜닭”

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  • started 5 years ago by JM78
  1. Hi Maangchi, I love your site. Your recipes taste just like the fantastic food I used to eat when I lived in Seoul. Could you also post recipes forBeansprout and rice soup (콩나물국밥), Chicken stew (닭한마리) and 찜닭?

  2. hi, kongnamul gukbap ( soy bean sprout soup with rice) is my favorite food. The chicken dish you mention must be jjimdak or dakjjim. : ) It sounds weird, right? I will post the recipes someday soon. Thank you!

  3. Hi Maangchi thanks for your reply. Yes, I mean jjimdak. It'd be great to have a recipe for that.

  4. My jjimdak recipe is here:

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