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“Bechi chigae”

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  • started 5 years ago by sophieok
  1. Hi Maangchi!

    My mom used to make this kimchi chigae with ground nuts or soy I’m not sure what it was made from I think it is called bechi chigae I’m not sure how to spell it. It was so good. It looks complicated to make. Every time I go home and ask her she says it’s too much work.
    On your Ddukguk soup recipe you had the mustard green kimchi it looked so good!!!!

  2. oh, I got it! It must be kongbiji jjigae (stew). That's my favorite winter dish. I will post the recipe around the winter time this year. Mustard green kimchi (gat kimchi) is good, too. I think your mother is a really good cook. Not many people can make kongbiji jjigae.

  3. My kongbiji jjigae recipe is here!

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