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“Beef Rib Stew (?)”

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  • started 2 years ago by Ltin
  1. I watched Family Outing recently and just drooled at the sight of what they made, some Beef Rib in a thick rich sauce. It was the episode with Nicole from KARA and Tiffany from SNSD. It just seems like something that would be unbelievably delicious. Anyways, here's the youtube link for the episode. The food I'm talking about is around 1:18:45. I don't see it already requested but that might be because I don't know the korean name. But anyways, thanks for sharing all your recipes, gives me something to do during winter break :). A man's got to learn how to cook!


  3. thanks powerplantop. i actually came across that recipe which is suuuuuper similar to the FO one, i'm just wondering about that thick gravy/sauce that came with the dish hyori made. it looks so similar, im just not sure about the gravy part which.. makes it about 5x more appealing to me :) thanks!

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