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“Beehive samgyeopsal”

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  • started 4 years ago by Maangchi
  1. Interesting post on this good little blog on Korea, "Send Me To Korea"

    He says he found this latest twist on samgyeopsal in a place called 벌집 삼겹살 ("beehive samgyeopsal") which seems to be named such because the samgyeopsal is cut thick, then carved on one side with a honeycomb pattern.

    I'm going to forgive this blogger for suggesting that samgyeopsal is perhaps not a Korean dish "because it's basically just sliced meat that is grilled or roasted on a pan," (!) because this sounds like a really interesting twist on one of my fave dishes.

    Here's the restaurant's website:

    (franchise opportunities availaible :))


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  2. i think i had those. you get real meat chunks instead of slices which i prefer. as i remember, they also had a breaded kind of samgyobsal. basically meat in flour and some seasoning i think. i supposed, it was to make the meat crispier... i didn't taste a difference because i like to leave the meat a little bit longer on the grill.

    i less and less like those thinny slices... if i want to eat meat, i want to bite into something, so chunks is a must.
    there are so many great houses in korea which put their own twist on samgyobsal.

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