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  1. Hello from Jacksonville Florida !! I Love cooking and wanted to make a show Like some of the Older Foodtv Network Shows (featuring foods from ALL around the world) ---but wanted to cook in my Home kitchen (friend and family style).
    Job downsizing ended my 15 year "call center" job and future attempts to attain such a job. so i shifted towards restaurants for work in 2004 . Bad choice since I actually DID Love to cook !!(You would have to work in a restuarant to fully understand)! My early videos on Youtube were made while I worked at a fast food restaurant and since my Aunt and Uncle gave me a nice camera for Christmas , I decided to Make "My own Show" (as Emerill Lagasse says) Hehe !! Then I discovered Maangchi making squid Video --(I loved watching it) but i couldnt afford to make.I eventually made videos to show Maangchi what recipes I DID make , (even though i had trouble making a decent video) Now I have a wonderful job in major retail store and am Happier than Ever and I almost always eat Korean food !!(Maangchi really saved me) I still love cheese pizza with thin crust (New York style) --but other than that I love my Kimchi and Barley Rice. I like to try more Asian food because of the Health Benefits and cost is better.I am Always Open to New Flavors . The only Flavor I have trouble with is beef liver--- but i am always open to Anything New !!

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