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    I have just caught a cold and was wondering what people would recommend as the best food for it?

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    I recommend you to eat soup dish like rice cake soup or samgyetang (chicken ginseng soup). Avoid spicy food because spicy can inhibits your oxygen lines in your body. Also, Ox Bone Soup will be great for increasing your energy. Get Healthy Soon~ ^-^



    Thanks Mariska – I will make samgyetang – I have a chicken in the fridge and all the ingredients. I might have that for lunch.



    One time when I had a cold my husband made me Korean “traditional” medicine of honey, asian pear, garlic and bean sprouts. I do not recommend this medicine. I also had Koreans recommend soju with red pepper powder. Do not try this either :)

    Samgyetang sounds great. Miyukgook might be good too.



    mokpochica – wow – they sure sound like interesting cures. I wonder how the soju would work minus the red pepper? That sounds very appealing :)



    I think you eat green vegetables and fruits, Fish, chicken etc…

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    I know your cold is long gone, but if you get one again you could try “sengang cha”, ginger tea. I posted a recipe under “crowd pleasing korean desserts if you are interested.



    Thank you, Ashimi,

    Here is Ashimi’s “saenggangcha” (ginger tea) recipe that I found from her post.

    Sengang cha

    Wash and thinly slice a hand of ginger. You can peel it if you wish, but it is not strictly necessary.

    Place ginger in 2-3 quarts of water – depending on size of hand of ginger, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes, or until liquid begins to taste spicy and “gingery”. Strain.

    Add honey to taste – 1/2 cup or more, cinnamon to taste and garnish wth soaked jujubees and pine nuts.

    This can be served hot or cold, and if bottled keeps 3 days in fridge. This is particularly good for your health as well as delicious. Great warm if you have a cold or flu, good for stomach aches, and motion sickness. Very refreshing served cold on a hot summer day. You can even spike it to make a punch.”



    Saenggangcha recipe is online now!



    Sweet Corn soup is the best option in Cold. I have also tried it and its really works. ,


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