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“bin de ddhuk”

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  • started 5 years ago by mi-guk girl
  1. maangchi,
    I really love this type of chewy pancake. It is made with flour (and maybe rice flour too?) and also shelled mung beans, ground to paste in food processor. You can add whatever you like (kim-chee, meats, zukes, green oniion, etc.) to it. Fry it and it comes out chewy...
    Do you have a recipe for this?
    thank you!
    mi-guk girl

  2. mi-guk girl,
    haha you have an interesting id! I think you already know how to make bindaedduk.(mungbean with vegetable pancake).
    I have a very good bindaedduk recipe. I'm going to post the recipe someday. Thanks!

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