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    my name is richard and i’m new here, although i’ve followed your site for awhile. i recently had an interesting dish in oakland, CA, a spicy black goat chongol or chigae, which i never saw in korea. i think it was called heukyeomso chigae? it had tender, shredded goat meat, and had ggaennip in it and veggies and i think mustard seeds? very unusual. do you know how to make it? is it new?


    The last time I had this or something like it was about 15 years ago in LA Korea town. I suspect the seeds were ggaennip seeds. (speaking of which my plants are going to seed) Traditionally goat meat was considered medicine not that that should stop you from enjoying it.

    Another name might be Bo Yang Jeon Gol

    Check out this link and see if this is what your asking about. in the link they call them mustard seeds but I still think that they are ggaennip.


    Another good link.

    “yum sul tang – Korean goat stew topped with dul jae – a sesame type seed – which, supposedly, according to the hand written neon paper sign on the wall, is full of omega3, improves memory, and is good for joints as well as vision? according to the neighboring canvas also displayed on the wall, the elixir, ie, goat stew, is good for circulation, pregnant women, strengthens men’s stamina, strength and … er.. virility, fight free radicals, prevent wrinkles, fights osteoporosis, cleanses liver/kidney and also improves your vision (plus other effects for a grand total of 9 health/medical properties).”



    Wow! Sounds good, actually, and the pictures on the link look really delicious. I’m not terribly keen to eat dog but I’d eat goat. Does that make any sense?


    Makes sense to me.



    I’ve never made or had heukyeomsotang (black goat stew), but I will keep your request in mind. : )


    This looks like a recipe for goat stew. But I would think that it needs ggaennip and ggaennip seeds.



    It certainly looks like the recipe. I’m sure most Korean folks would add more seasoning. This looks rather basic.

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