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“Bossam Kimchi”

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  • started 5 years ago by DesignerBoy
  1. I got an itch to try this. Has anyone seen this at a store or restaurant that serves this around New York City?

  2. Man, I have never seen it prepared like that at anyone's home or any restaurant. That looks fancy-schmancy. Typically "bossam kimchi" is a platter of boiled, sliced pork belly, raw garlic, kimchi and lettuce. You make a "ssam" or lettuce roll with the ingredients and some sauce (but no rice). My non-Korean husband LOVES this.

  3. ^ what you are talking about is just Bossam. Bossam kimchi is kimchi wrapped in boassam LOL.

  4. I was describing what it normally is on the restaurant menu that's all.

  5. I think people are missing the point. Bossam kimchi is a special preparation of kimchi used specifically for bossam.

    Bossam = cabbage and pork belly wrap
    Bossam kimchi = a special kimchi that uses a lot of shrimp pickling (sehwoojut) and other seafood additions, particularly osyter.

    Pork (World's tastiest food) + Oyster (reputed aphrodisiac) + kimchi (one of the world's healthiest foods) = perfection.

  6. No wonder my husband loves it, LOL!

  7. That looks truly delicious. ;~)

    Does anybody know of a substitute for jujube? It's hard to find near where I live.

  8. In Korean, Bossam means "Wrap with Sth".

    When it is used for describing a dish,(Bossam)
    It means pork
    with special made fresh kimchi which is slightly sweeter than other kimchi's
    wrapped with lettuce or cabbage
    with a hint of SSamjang.

    When it is used for describing a specific type of Kimchi, (Bossam Kimchi)
    It means all sort of vegetables
    wrapped with cabbage
    stored to become kimchi.

    So, what designer boy was talking about is the (Bossam Kimchi)

    BTW, Bossam Kimchi is quite rare in Korea... too
    It's not the every day buy-at-the-mart kimchi.
    You have to either do it yourself or go to special restaurants...

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