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    Hi Maangchi–

    My mom knows how to cook all sorts of Korean foods, except for boyang tang! Can you post a recipe for this?


    This is the last post on this topic. I would also like to learn how to make it.

    I am currently in Pakistan and goat curry is very common.



    Boyang Tang

    Lamb stew with perilla leaves black seeds cooked in hot stoneware pot

    I have eaten this dish but i was told it was made with lamb.

    I was told traditionally lamb nor goat was used.

    Very Old Yeller Soup :)

    James be safe and Godspeed back to your home.

    Here is a link for Korean soup geeks like me


    Cool link!

    Thanks for the nice words.



    Tonights dinner so good …. but too much Soju.

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