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“Buchu Kimchi”

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  • started 4 years ago by Reinier
  1. I saw in one of your videos Buchu Kimchi very briefly.
    Could you make a video for this? I love Kimchi and Buchu, so this will make a perfect combination :)


  2. I just met my own request and Maangchi was so kind to help me posting the recipe! Thank you Maangchi, the buchu kimchi was delicious i just finished the lot!


    Here's is a website that I go to and here is the recipe for bu chu kimchi!

    Just click on it!

  4. Here is some I made today.


    1. Chive_Kimchi.jpg (854.3 KB, 569 downloads) 3 years old
  5. That looks amazing! Was it good?

  6. My wife really liked it. The next day I made some more sauce and mixed in some salted cucumbers. Then the next day that was really good!

  7. You can easily buy the seeds of this plant in any garden store, or, if you can't, just order them online for hardly any money at all. In your garden, they will grow like weed, and respawn when you harvest them !

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