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“Budae jjigae - Army base stew”

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  • started 3 years ago by JamieF
  1. Hi Maangchi - I was reading about this and it sounds very curious (it includes tinned spam among other things). If it is something you have made I think it would be an interesting addition to the recipes and I would try it (even though I wouldn't normally eat meat in a can!)

  2. There is a lot of history this dish spam and hot dogs were introduced to Korea during and after the Korean War. Korean cooks learned how to use the American ingredients in a Korean jjige. For a long time this was considered poor people food but is now becoming popular as just plain good food. Be sure to try it with a few friends and a bottle of soju.

    Some names for this dish are:
    army base stew
    Johnson tang
    Bu dae chigae

    I love the dish and it is flexible in that you add what you want. Some versions call for cheese but I have not tried that that.

  3. Thanks for the info powerplantop - I don't think I would add cheese either but I will definitely give the stew a try at some point :)

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