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    Hi Maangchi & everybody

    I came across a few recipes calling for “soup soy sauce”.

    I’m not clear on what it is. My guess is like a dark soy sauce and fish sauce mixed ….

    Please Do you have a favorite brand, I can check out.




    Soup soy sauce aka 국(soup)간장(soy sauce) is fermented less than traditional soy sauce. It’s flavor is less intense and color is not as dark. It will be labeled 국간장. This type of soy sauce is used to be added in soups and broths since the flavor is not as intense. I recommend Sempio.

    If you are not too particular I would recommend using traditional soy sauce, but maybe a little less since its flavor is more intense.



    kimchi toki

    Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your help and knowledge.

    I’m so glad you started posting. Now you need to post some of your Korean food photos. *^^*




    I’ve got some right now, and I was tempted to subsitute with it once I ran out of traditional soy, but the taste is very different (imo). I believe soup soy sauce has some kind of broth added in…at least mine tastes like that. The flavor reminds me of a soy sauce/anchovy broth combo or perhaps beef dashida.

    Mom loves putting this on a bowl of mandu-gook, and I’ve seen recipes call for it, but if you do buy a bottle, get a relatively small one because you won’t use it near as often as you do regular soy sauce. Mine’s been sitting around for a year now, and you can barely tell it’s been used.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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