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“? Can U use Fresh Shrimp or Dried When Making the Easy Kimchi Recipe?”

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  • started 4 years ago by Peachez
  1. I was wondering if it is possible to use dried shrimp or fresh shrimp when making Kimchi? There is a brand I use when I run out of fresh kimchi, It's called Rita's and it is sooooo.....delicious! The ingredients read as: Napa Cabbage, Asian chives, onions, garlic, ginger, scallions, Korean radish, fish sauce, hot pepper flakes, hot pepper powder, sweet rice flour, salt and finally, shrimp. It doesn't stipulate dried or fresh so I was wondering, since I don't particularly like squid, except in soups or fried. There's no MSG thank's much like your original recipe Maangchi, it's good and sour the way I've tried to get mine, but always never getting it quiet right. That could be because before it gets a chance to ferment, I usually eat it all up. I've shared with friends who also like it as well, so it's kind of hard to keep around the house. But, when I need a quick fix (kimchi junkie) I grab a couple of jars of Rita's and that seems to calm the cravings hehehe.....8-)


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  2. I've never seen pieces of shrimp used in kimchi other than 새우 젓 (sae oo jeot). Its pretty much extremely salted baby shrimp. I personally think it tastes like crap if eaten by itself.

    Here are some pictures새우젓.jpg

    I remember as a kid I'd eat kimchi and see little black eyes looking at me. Always kinda freaked me out. haha.

    I don't know if adding normal sized shrimp would be advisable.

    Also, you don't have to add squid in your kimchi. It's just a certain style. I would suggest trying to using the sae oo jeot.

  3. My mom often uses fresh squid and/or shrimp in her kimchi. She chops it up really fine and it's delicious, but she says it's best in winter kimchi, when you want really deep flavors.

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