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“Can you please tell me how to cook Dotorimuk?”

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  • started 4 years ago by Pattarapat
  1. I've seen it in TV program We got married and it did look nice!
    I want to make once by myself but I really don't know how to start :(

    Help me Maangchi!!!

  2. Dotorimuk (acorn jelly side dish) recipe will be posted someday.

    Thank you for your request! Check my mungbean jelly recipe. The way of making jelly from powder is very similar but the vegetables and seasoning sauce is a little different. If you like acorn jelly, you will like mungbean jelly, too.

  3. Thank you Maangchi :D

    I think I'm gonna start with mungbean jelly first then when you have uploaded Dotorimuk I would be ready for it!

  4. Hello,

    I brought 도토리묵가루 instead of 청포묵가루.

    Can I make your receipe using 도토리묵가루????
    Would it still taste the same??


  5. yes, you can make acorn jelly with dotorimuk garu (도토리묵가루).
    Cheongpomuk (청포묵)is mungbean jelly. Mungbean jelly and acorn jelly taste different.

  6. My dotorimuk muchim recipe is online!

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