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“can you save and reheat (Ddeokbokki)”

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  • started 1 year ago by Kiomie
  1. I followed your recipe for Hot and spicy rice cake (Ddeokbokki) and since i am the only one eating it i was wondering if you can put leftovers in fridge and the best way to reheat it.

  2. I've reheated ddeokbokki in the microwave and in a frying pan. I add a little bit of water (use your judgment) to help keep it from drying out. I've never eaten dried-out ddeokbokki by reheating in these ways. Hope this helps!

  3. Personally, I never reheat it. I don't like the way the ddeok tastes re-heated no matter how I try to soften it. I usually just make a fresh batch because it doesn't take too long. I just leave the sauces in the fridge.

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