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  1. Hi;I was online looking for a Korean recipe for Chayote that I recently had as a Banchan in Korean restaurants in Flushing, and came across your website via the kimchee jigae video.That was the pickled vegatable Chayote that I ate. So would you consider making that? I am Chinese with a Korean husband so most days we have Korean Food cooked with a Chinese palate of course. I looked at your Kkaennip jangajji recipe, do you think that will work for the Chayotes?

  2. Take a look at this recipe. I believe Maangchi is referring to a Chayote in the banchan her friend made.

    good luck

  3. As an aside, the chayote is also referred to as a mirliton in Cajun country, so if you are looking for interesting ways to use this vegetable, a search for "Cajun Creole Mirliton" should probably yield some interesting results. Good luck!

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