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“Chungachi (sorry for my spelling)”

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  • started 3 years ago by Sojo Joe
  1. Hola,
    Thank you, Maangchi... for all you do. My father was in Korea many years ago in the Army and always speaks of a pickled daikon side dish that he calls chungachi. I have searched every where for this and nothing. I am a trained chef, visiting my mother and father and would love to make some of this before I head back home to Costa Rica. I had a korean friend growing up and she called it pickled root (redish daikon strips with sesame/soy/hot pepper. Thanks...

    Sojo Joe

  2. I think your father is talking about "jangajji" which just means pickles. Here is a forum article here talking about the specific thing you want (radish pickle):

    And here is Maangchi's recipe that you can adapt to use radish instead:

    This is what it looks like when it is commercially produced:

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