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“Cinnamon flavored cold tea!”

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  • started 5 years ago by kawaii
  1. Dear Maangchi,
    First of all I would like to thank you for this amazing website :)
    I have been going to different excellent Korean places here in Maryland and I have noticed that at the end of the meal they would offer you a little bole that has cold brownish drink, I think the flavor is Cinnamon. Do you know what that is called? Can you tell me how to make it?
    Thank you so much

  2. yes, it's sujunggwa!
    Check the recipe!

  3. Thank you so much, that is exactly what I was looking for. You are amazing ^__^

  4. Hi Maangchi, where can I get dried persimmons? If I cannot get it, will the tea still taste ok?

  5. Take a look at "Crowd pleasing Korean Dessert" discussion

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