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“Couple of recipe request”

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  • started 9 months ago by alikim
  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for recipe to make Da-Di-Ghi (spicy red pepper paste) to put in Korean soups. I looked for already made in Korean market but couldn't find it. It's the spicy red pepper paste restaurant gives when ordering Seolleongtang. Do you have recipe for it?

    And also, I see that you have recipe for tongdak but I didn't see the recipe (unless I missed it) for the radish you get when you order tongdak at the restaurant. I have idea (radish, water, vinegar, and sugar) as to what's in it but need exact measurement. The ones I get at Korean market doesn't quite have the taste I remembered in Korea. Do you by chance have recipe for the white radish to go with tongdak?

    Thank you so much.

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